The Book

More than 90 million adults snore, and that means there are perhaps another 90 million people – the snorees – who try to live and sleep next to them.  Snore No More! is the first book to take a funny look at a serious problem, providing both well-researched remedies and comic relief.

Author Rob Simon has been on a quest: How do I stop snoring and save my marriage? Thanks to the author’s diligence, humor, and — in no small part — the willingness of his mate to hold onto hope, millions of snorers and snorees may find their own solution to snoring, one of the most widely deliberated about and challenging conditions around the world.

Snore No More! is no first-person account. Rather it’s a well-researched book written by a man — men are twice as likely to snore as women — who knows the trials and tribulations of snoring and leaves no topic unturned in his hunt for answers. The result is an entertaining, humorous, and very informative book that covers everything from how to say "snore" in many of the world’s languages to the effects of diet on snoring. Other topics include snoring surgeries (several of which the author has undergone), effects of sleep loss on snorees, and even dealing with pet that snore.

Snore No More! is destined to become a must-have book for anyone who snores or lives with a snorer. The book’s insights, suggestions, and documentation alone make it a valuable reference — one that just might keep snorers and snorees up all night reading.