Reviews & Media

Here is some of the great press the book has been getting!



 Finalist in annual awards for
 Best Books in Health, September 15, 2005




 BizWeek Composit.gif 

"A Snorer Speaks," a full-page in BusinessWeek,
 in the Personal Business section, September 2, 2005




"Confessions of a Snorer" in Westword newspaper,
 Denver, June 23, 2005. 

  Also a sidebar article, "Seeking a Fix."


"Getting Your ZZZs – And Some Laughs" in METRO Newspapers (Boston, New York, Philadelphia), June 7, 2005

"First Podcast About Snoring Introduced," in  Podcasting News, June 1, 2005 

"A Book for Those Who Snore – And Are Snored To" by William Wineke, Wisconsin State Journal, May 30, 2005

"Denver Entrepreneur’s Book on Snoring is No Snooze" by Penny Parker, Rocky Mountain News, Denver, April 16, 2005

"Street Talk – Congrats to Rob Simon" by Bruce Goldberg, The Denver Business Journal, April 11, 2005 



"The Evening Edition" with Andy Petersen, WMT Newsradio 600, Cedar Rapids, IA, June 17, 2005 

"Mike, Matt and the Morning News," WTAQ Newsradio 1360, Green Bay, WI, June 23,2005 

"Health, Wealth & Happiness" with Gary Pozsik, WGCV Radio, Colombia, SC, June 30, 2005 

"Something You Should Know," nationally syndicated, July 6, 2005

"The Morning Show with Fred King," WARE Radio, Palmer, MA, July 14, 2005

"The Morning Show," KNND Radio, Cottage Grove, OR, July 14, 2005

"The Mike McConnel Show," WLW Radio, Cincinnati, OH, July 18, 2005

"A Touch of Grey," nationally syndicated, July 18, 2005

"The Morning Show with Tommmy B," KBUL Radio, Billings, MT, July 18, 2005

"Backstage Live," KFIZ Radio, Fond Du Lac, WI, July 19, 2005

"Live Wire," KWRE Radio, Warrenton, MO, July 21, 2005

"The Ron Thulin Show," KAHL Radio, San Antonio, TX, July 22, 2005

"Wakin’ Up To The Rooster," KCAD Radio, Dickenson, ND, July 25, 2005

"Happy Hec and Mike in the Morning," WSAR Radio, Somerset, MA, July 27, 2005

"The Idea Exchange," WBEV Radio, Beaver Dam, WI, July 27, 2005

"Louisiana Live," the Louisiana Network, Baton Rouge, LA,  August 11, 2005

"It’s Your Turn," Butler County Radio Network, Butler, PA, August 12, 2005

"Health Marks: The Norman Mark Show," Health Radio Network (19 stations), KNWZ Radio, August 20, 2005

"The Norman Mark Show," KNWZ, Palm Springs, CA, September 10,2005

"The Morning Show," WMST Radio, Mount Sterling, KY, September 28, 2005

"The Mike and Mindy Show," WLRQ, Meleblourne, FL, October 7, 2005

"The Wilson Show," WIBC, Indianapolis, IN, October 24, 2005

"The Bear’s Breakfast with Brad, Steph and Stuntman Stu," 106.9 The Bear, Ottawa, Canada, October 27, 2005 

"Rocket & Teresa," KMXV Mix 93.3, Kansas City, MO, November 1, 2005

"Oldies 95 Morning Show with Tamme Taylor," KBGO, Waco, Tx, November 2, 2005

"Morning Mommy with Sonny Mac," WPKF 96.1 KISS-FM, November 3, 2005

"The Ant Man & Yeager Morning Show," KTST 101.9  The Twister, Oklahoma City, OK, November 10, 2005

Some radio show in Auckland, New Zealand, with two guys who woke me up to talk about snoring, November 22, 2005

"Health Marks: The Norman Mark Show," Health Radio Network (19 stations), KNWZ Radio, April 21, 2006



"Sunday Morning," CBS News4 Denver, April 24, 2005