Pillow Card

You can download and print this card and leave it on the bedroom pillow of your snoring mate as a not-so-subtle reminder to stop snoring — or else!  Then run for cover.

The loudness of the average snorer is between 60 and 80 decibels.  That’s louder and more annoying than a garbage disposal and equal to a jackhammer or heavy truck traffic.  And who can sleep next to that!  Who would want to.Pillow-Card.gif

If your snoring partner is louder than average, say at 100 decibels, it is equal to a New York City subway or a chainsaw.  A few more decibels and it’s the sound of a 747 jet taking off.  At 112 decibels, it’s the same as world-record snorer Alan Myatt. 

If your partner is in this range, then printing a Pillow Card may not be enough.  Try throwing the printer at your snorer; that should get him or her to stop.